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antieke kaarttafel

Repareren van een unieke antieke kaarttafel


( Deze post is on het engels en wordt later vertaald )

At auction we bought this nice looking vintage card table. Not to old but also not to new.
Someone probably let the table fall on the floor, or at least the top because it the base was loose and the hinges were broken.

The fabric that lay on top was torn in the middle and unrecoverable.

Torn fabric

Torn fabric

Torn fabric

But the look was perfect, the inlay on top beautiful and we always need tables.
First things first … disassemble, this was not hard to do because it was already disassembles by the fall.

The hinges were easy, the screw holes were still in perfect order only a small piece of wood was missing. I decided not to try to fix the wood because the change of it becoming worse is quite high. The veneer would never match and since the brown of the wood is almost the same as the brown of the veneer it is not that noticeable.

The base that holds the top was also broken, but an easy fix since all the pieces were still there.

kaarttafel onderkant maken

After tearing of the old fabric I took it with me to a fabric shop and asked if they had something similar. With a new but finer fabric I went back to the workshop.

First I had to scrape the old glue and pieces of old fabric off. When that was done I sprayed fabric glue and covered the table with a piece of fabric.

The idea was to let the glue dry and cut off the excess. Bad idea 🙂 The glue was not strong enough and the knife was to blunt .. it was a mess.

After cleaning everything off I tried again, this time with wood glue and I went to get a better knife. Now everything went fine, although the fabric is still a little ragged. I used a lighter to remove the fabric wires that were sticking out.

I now have to find some screws that look a little older and polish the table but the result looks perfect.

Some pictures and it will be yours to buy.

kaarttafel met stof
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